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 Travel Trailers

When it comes to travel trailers, we have all the options and upgrades to suite your needs.


When it comes to polishing, our experience and knowledge sets us above the rest! Every trailer we polish begins with the removal of all awnings, lights, logos and miscellaneous parts and pieces that may be subject to possible damage during the stripping and polishing process. All of our travel trailer polishing packages include touch ups of factory painted logos. Its the little things that stand out!      

LED Lighting

Upgrading your trailer to LED lighting has great advantages for you as well as your trailers aesthetics . LED lights are brighter than conventional bulbs, while using less power. LED have a long life span of 25,000 hours versus an incandescent bulb with a life span of 1,000 hours. Our LED lights come in various styles, sizes and colour's custom fit to each trailer and personal preference.   

Window Tinting 

Window tint is a spectacular way to finish off your trailer. Bringing the future into the past to provide you with a sleek finish and privacy. Available in different percentages, window tint can help keep your interior cool on a hot day and keep your valuables unseen by vandals and thieves.

Rims and Tires

We offer a variety of service's when it comes to wheels and tires. Safe tires are one of the most neglected upgrades when people purchase trailers. At King of Bling we have you covered. With new and used tires, aftermarket wheels and rim refinishing services. We'll have you looking right and rollin' safe!

Renovations and Custom builds

 Offering quality craftsmanship with top of the line tools and products, turning your dream into reality is our pleasure. Offering services including but not limited to...

-complete body off restoration

-interior / exterior design

-structural repair and fabrication


-sub-floor / hardwood / laminate /tile

-kitchen and bath

-sand blast /paint / airbrush

-winterizing / insulation /spray foam

-leak and patch repair

-electrical install and repair

(licensed electrician's / certified inspections)

-lighting and wiring

-livable spaces / pop up shops / office's and more!

Frequently asked queations ?

Q- can dents be pulled

A- minor dents can be repaired however aluminum is not like steel used on automobiles. once the aluminum is stretched it can not be repaired. at this point the entire panel will need to be replaced.

Q- Can the trailer be clear coated after polishing

A- It is possible but not recommended. Clear coats are not able to adhere to polished aluminum properly, making it tough for clear coats stick.

Q-how long does it take to polish and how long does it last ?

A- a typical trailer can take 3 - 5 weeks depending on size and condition. With proper maintenance a polish can last for years to come. We sell all the machines and polishing supplies to up keep your investment.

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