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Movie Bling

Take a look at our short films and subscribe to us on YOUTUBE.

Orchard Studios 1972 Airstream

Take a look at this 1972 Airstream we did for Dave Ferri at Orchard studios. We gave this trailer a complete makeover with our signature polish package, rims and tires, led light kit , frame paint and interior subfloor repair. This mobile studio is ready to record in style! Thank you Orchard Studios 

Banana Bling Project!

Got Bling? well this Peterbilt dump truck does! We gave this Pete the star treatment with our signature sand and polish topped off with a fresh sand blast and painted frame. This Pete is ready to haul in style! thank you TGC Trucking!

Ojo Eat Local's 1966 Avion

This particular Avion trailer came anodized from the factory in 1966. After researching the forums about polishing this trailer, we could only find negative responses. Known to the world as "the un-polishable trailer" we had to prove them wrong! Now they are blinding eyes and slinging fries, thank you Ojo eat local. 

Cervelo Bike frame

When we got a call about polishing a bike frame that would be used in a tour we raced to complete this unique project. Now adays bikes are made of carbon fiber and light weight materials. When the owner told us 100s of cycalist would be admiring this "bike porn" we knew that our finished products exceeded his expectations

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